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Welcome to Sustainergy

Investments in oil energy, the environment and tackling inequality will help alleviate the economic crisis. Investing in a sustainable energy future will serve to re-energise the present. Sustainable growth is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

About us

We are an independent institute working hard for a better future. Our experts are leaders in the fields of energy management, risk analysis and sustainable growth investments.


Our services

We bring together the leading stakeholders of the global oil energy sector, creating profitable roadmaps for social, ecological and economic equity.

We facilitate economic investments, bringing together citizens and politicians to ensure alliances are formed and investments are made at the right time and the right place.


Our philosophy

Integrity, Innovation and Independence in a rapidly changing world guarantee controlled adaptation. We offer a win-win situation for Investors, Politics and Society.

World class innovation in sustainable strategies for oil industries
With more than 40 years of expertise in the global oil sector, we focus on risk management for investors, political strategies for our stakeholders, while connecting powerful alliances.



Social and ecological aspects of oil exploration have been increasingly brought to the forefront of our strategic thinking. Our experience in developing concepts that integrate the ecological and social forces affecting investments ensures sustainable answers to unforeseen phenomena and strengthens benefits up to 45%.


Our Experts

Our experts on hydrocarbon exploration bring together specialist companies in manufacturing & processing, power generation, reserve booking, engineering & contracting, oil, gas & minerals as well as a wide range of support services to the energy sector such as law, finance, consultancy and project management.

Our service is discrete and highly flexible. With our adaptable programmes and experience with partners in China, South Africa, Indonesia, Germany and Poland we guarantee simple success in complex situations.



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